Timothy Wyatt

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A planktonic food-web model including sixty-three functional nodes (representing auto- mixo- and heterotrophs) was developed to integrate most trophic diversity present in the plankton. The model was implemented in two variants - which we named 'green' and 'blue' - characterized by opposite amounts of phytoplankton biomass and representing, respectively,(More)
We present design criteria and test data for ceramic hemispherical 'resurfacing' prosthesis bearings that are attached by placement on the conical trunnion of the prosthesis stem. These large diameter bearings will be subjected to higher torques than conventional 28 mm bearings. Prototypes were fabricated and tested. The pattern of failure and subsequent(More)
The determination of the centre-of-mass energies from the LEP1 data for 1993, 1994 and 1995 is presented. Accurate knowledge of these energies is crucial in the measurement of the Z resonance parameters. The improved understanding of the LEP energy behaviour accumulated during the 1995 energy scan is detailed, while the 1993 and 1994 measurements are(More)
Vertical migration as an accumulation mechanism in the formation of red tide models is discussed with reference to extant mathematical models. Its relationship to other biological and physical factors such as population density changes, tidal rhythms, nutrient limitation and light intensity is evaluated in terms of its possible causal role in red tides.
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