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Resurrecting the Third Variable: A Critique of Pearl's Causal Analysis of Simpson's Paradox
Pearl argued that Simpson's Paradox would not be considered paradoxical but for statisticians’ unwillingness to acknowledge the role of causality in resolving an instance of it. He proposed using aExpand
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The detection of deception by linguistic means
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to discuss unresolved problems that are reflected in the social scientific research on the linguistic detection of deception in statements, with particularExpand
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H. L. Wagner's Unbiased Hit Rate and the Assessment of Categorical Forecasting Accuracy
AbstractThe paper briefly reviews measures that have been proposed since the 1880s to assess accuracy and skill in categorical weather forecasting. The majority of the measures consist of a singleExpand
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Detecting deception in written statements
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to review the most recently published and most comprehensively designed study of scientific content analysis (SCAN), a widely used but rarely researched methodExpand
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Misunderstood and Unattributed: Revisiting M. H. Doolittle's Measures of Association, With a Note on Bayes’ Theorem
In the 1880s, American scholars developed measures of association and chance for cross-classification tables that anticipated the more widely known work of Galton, Pearson, Yule, and Fisher. Three ofExpand
I am honored to respond to the comments by Judea Pearl, Ronald Christensen, and Keli Liu and Xiao-Li Meng. The three responses are intriguing and they stand as substantial contributions to theExpand
Faropenem reacts with serine and metallo-β-lactamases to give multiple products.
Penems have demonstrated potential as antibacterials and β-lactamase inhibitors; however, their clinical use has been limited, especially in comparison with the structurally related carbapenems.Expand
Reply to “Comments on ‘H. L. Wagner’s Unbiased Hit Rate and the Assessment of Categorical Forecasting Accuracy’”
By way of cautioning atmospheric scientists, Jolliffe and Stephenson identify six purportedly undesirable properties of Wagner’s measure, Hu ,w hich If ailed to discuss in Armistead (2013). TheExpand
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