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Beginning in the fall of 1998 and extending into the spring and early summer of 1999 there was a large epizootic of squirrel fibromatosis in squirrels in seven counties in peninsular Florida. Hundreds of gray squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) with multiple cutaneous tumors were submitted or reported to biologists, veterinary hospitals, and private wildlife(More)
In May 1988, ten juvenile birds, not yet ready to fledge, jumped to their death from a colony of the purple martin, Progne subis near Okeechobee City, Florida. The martin house and nestlings were found to be infested with ectoparasitic Oeciacus vicarius Horvath, the cliff swallow bug, not previously reported from Florida. This ectoparasite infestation(More)
Aims To assess the concurrent validity of the two-item NIAAA/American Academy of Pediatrics Brief Alcohol Use Screener, a developmentally sensitive assessment instrument, in a school-based sample of adolescents. Method The sample consisted of 756 adolescents (53% girls; Mage = 13.7 years; SD = 1.6 years) in the 6th (n = 192), 8th (n = 283), and the 10th(More)
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