Timothy W. Rauenbusch

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We describe the Flight Manager Assistant (FMA), a prototype system, designed to support real-time management of airlift operations at the USAF Air Mobility Command (AMC). In current practice, AMC flight managers are assigned to manage individual air missions. They tend to be overburdened with associated data monitoring and constraint checking, and generally(More)
Personal Assistant agents are becoming increasingly important in a variety of application domains in offices, at home, for medical care and many others [5, 1]. These agents are required to constantly monitor their environment (including the state of their users), and make periodic decisions based on their monitoring. For example, in an office environment,(More)
Multiagent systems require techniques for effectively allocating resources or tasks among agents in a group. Auctions are one method for structuring communication of agents' private values for the resource or task to a central decision maker. Different auction methods vary in their communication requirements. This work makes three contributions to the(More)
A team of agents planning to perform a complex task make a number of interrelated decisions as they determine precisely how that complex task will be performed. The decision set includes the choice of recipes and parameters as well as the determination of responsibilities for each agent. This work formally defines a search problem with search operators that(More)
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