Timothy W.R. Briggs

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BACKGROUND There are neither prospective data nor agreement on the optimal routine follow-up procedures in patients treated for soft tissue sarcoma of the limb. METHODS Data on 174 consecutive patients with a soft tissue sarcoma of the limb undergoing follow-up by oncologists at a single centre from 2003 to 2009 were included in this analysis. The rate(More)
The optimal conduct of follow-up (FU) of patients with osteosarcoma is uncertain. In the absence of any formal validation of optimal timing and method of surveillance, guidance is provided by oncology societies’ recommendations. FU is designed to detect either local recurrence or metastatic disease at a time when early treatment is still possible and might(More)
BACKGROUND Several different strategies have been reported for the treatment of chondromyxoid fibromas, all with variable outcomes and high recurrence rates. METHODS We report on 22 consecutive cases of chondromyxoid fibromas treated by intralesional curettage, four of which had adjuvant cementation at our institution between 2003 and 2010. We assessed(More)
BACKGROUND Myxoid liposarcoma is the second most commonly occurring sub-type of liposarcomas. In contrast to other soft tissue sarcomas, it is known to have a tendency to spread toward extrapulmonary sites, such as soft tissues, retroperitoneum, and the peritoneal surface. Bony spread, however, is not as common. CASE PRESENTATION We report an unusual case(More)
Custom-made endoprostheses can be linked to existing well-fixed implants in the treatment of complex periprosthetic femoral fractures. By adopting this salvage approach, secure implants can be retained in favour of patients undergoing more tissue disruptive procedures such as total femoral replacements. In this piece, we present a unique case illustrating a(More)
BACKGROUND Joint preservation is usually attempted in cases of bone tumors, though insufficient bone following tumour resection may prevent fixation of conventional joint sparing prosthesis. To preserve the hip joint in skeletally immature patients, we have combined autologous proximal femoral irradiation and intercalary re-implantation with custom made(More)
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