Timothy W. Molter

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Modern computing architecture based on the separation of memory and processing leads to a well known problem called the von Neumann bottleneck, a restrictive limit on the data bandwidth between CPU and RAM. This paper introduces a new approach to computing we call AHaH computing where memory and processing are combined. The idea is based on the attractor(More)
Due to interest in cell population heterogeneity, the development of new technology and methodologies for studying single cells has dramatically increased in recent years. The ideal single cell measurement system would be high throughput for statistical relevance, would measure the most important cellular parameters, and minimize disruption of normal cell(More)
A novel system that has enabled the measurement of single-cell oxygen consumption rates is presented. The experimental apparatus includes a temperature controlled environmental chamber, an array of microwells etched in glass, and a lid actuator used to seal cells in the microwells. Each microwell contains an oxygen sensitive platinum phosphor sensor used to(More)
Advancements in methods and algorithms for the measurement of oxygen consumption rates of single cells is presented. In this system a low density of randomly seeded eukaryotic cells are sealed in an array of microwells etched in glass (zero to three cells per microwell). The decrease in oxygen concentration inside each microwell in the array is measured(More)
The analysis of cell function comprises an examination of gene expression, protein synthesis, and metabolic activity. In order to measure these parameters in single cells a means for signal transduction and amplification is required. Fluorescent molecules have been demonstrated to provide a powerful tool for this detection need when performing living cell(More)
Major advances in the understanding in the biological sciences have been achieved by the precision automation of repetitive analytical procedures. The requirements for precision are pushed to the extreme when considering the analysis of cell function at the single cell level. Such analyses may include examination of gene expression, protein synthesis, and(More)
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