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Modern computing architecture based on the separation of memory and processing leads to a well known problem called the von Neumann bottleneck, a restrictive limit on the data bandwidth between CPU and RAM. This paper introduces a new approach to computing we call AHaH computing where memory and processing are combined. The idea is based on the attractor(More)
A novel system that has enabled the measurement of single-cell oxygen consumption rates is presented. The experimental apparatus includes a temperature controlled environmental chamber, an array of microwells etched in glass, and a lid actuator used to seal cells in the microwells. Each microwell contains an oxygen sensitive platinum phosphor sensor used to(More)
—Thermodynamic RAM (kT-RAM) is a neuromemris-tive co-processor design based on the theory of AHaH Computing and implemented via CMOS and memristors. The co-processor is a 2-D array of differential memristor pairs (synapses) that can be selectively coupled together (neurons) via the digital bit addressing of the underlying CMOS RAM circuitry. The chip is(More)
—Memristor device modeling is currently a heavily researched topic and is becoming ever more important as memristor devices make their way into CMOS circuit designs, necessitating accurate and efficient memristor circuit simulations. In this paper, the Generalized Metastable Switch (MSS) memris-tor model is presented. The Generalized MSS model consists of a(More)
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