Timothy W. Finin

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This paper describes the design of and experimentation with the Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language (KQML), a new language and protocol for exchanging information and knowledge. This work is part of a larger effort, the ARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort which is aimed at developing techniques and methodology for building large-scale knowledge bases which(More)
Microblogging is a new form of communication in which users can describe their current status in short posts distributed by instant messages, mobile phones, email or the Web. Twitter, a popular microblogging tool has seen a lot of growth since it launched in October, 2006. In this paper, we present our observations of the microblogging phenomena by studying(More)
Swoogle is a crawler-based indexing and retrieval system for the Semantic Web. It extracts metadata for each discovered document, and computes relations between documents. Discovered documents are also indexed by an information retrieval system which can use either character N-Gram or URIrefs as keywords to find relevant documents and to compute the(More)
We describe a shared ontology called SOUPA - standard ontology for ubiquitous and pervasive applications. SOUPA is designed to model and support pervasive computing applications. This ontology is expressed using the Web ontology language OWL and includes modular component vocabularies to represent intelligent agents with associated beliefs, desires, and(More)
In this paper we describe a policy language designed for pervasive computing applications that is based on deontic concepts and grounded in a semantic language. The pervasive computing environments under consideration are those in which people and devices are mobile and use various wireless networking technologies to discover and access services and devices(More)
R u le-b a s e d L o g ic-b a s e d F ra m e-b a s e d H y b ri d A n a lo g ic-b a s e d M e ta lo g ic-b a s e d M a n u fa c tu ri n g E le c tr o m e c h a n ic a l F in a n c ia l F lu id ic s C o n s tr u c ti o n S c h e d u le r C la s s if ie r P la n n e r D ia g n o s e r E v a lu a to r 2 M b y te s 3 M b y te s 6 M b y te s 2 M b y te s 1 0 M b(More)
We investigate the semantics for Knowledge Query Manipulation Language (KQML) and we propose a semantic framework for the language. KQML is a language and a protocol to support communication between software agents. Based on ideas from speech act theory, we propose a semantic description for KQML that associates descriptions of the cognitive states of(More)
This paper proposes a novel distributed service discovery protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks. The protocol is based on the concept of peer-to-peer caching of service advertisements and group-based intelligent forwarding of service requests. It does not require a service to register to a registry or lookup server. Services are described using an ontology(More)
We address the issue of semantics for an agent communication language. In particular, the semantics of Knowledge Query Manipulation Language (KQML) is investigated. KQML is a language and protocol to support communication between software agents. We present a semantic description for KQML that associates states of the agent with the use of the language’s(More)