Timothy W Fileman

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In the yachting sector of the UK antifouling market, organic biocides are commonly added to antifouling preparations to boost performance. Few data presently exist for concentrations of these compounds in UK waters. In this study the concentrations of tributyltin (TBT) and eight booster biocides were measured before and during the 1998 yachting season. The(More)
Characterisation of natural phytoplanktonic communities is currently being advanced through flow cytometry and high resolution pigment analyses. To date, toxicological methods to assess impacts of herbicides on natural phytoplankton populations are lacking. Here, we report the novel use of these techniques in combination to study changes in phytoplankton(More)
The spread of non-native species has been a subject of increasing concern since the 1980s when human-mediated transportation, mainly related to ships' ballast water, was recognized as a major vector for species transportation and spread, although records of non-native species go back as far as 16th Century. Ever increasing world trade and the resulting rise(More)
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