Timothy W. Dollar

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l+adiiional computerized writing tools designed for single user access often create barriers lo group collaboration. Usually, participanti have to work in an interleaved fashion to prevent inconsistency. Oral communication is normally used for coordinating group activities. With the recent development of computer networks and widespread deployment of(More)
For the past decade, numerous commercial and experimental systems have been designed for collaborative writing applications. From our experience working in the area of CSCW research and development, we have come to realize the possibility and the potential significance of CSCW systems in the engineering design process. The objective of the research is to(More)
This paper presents a prototype computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) environment that supports the engineering design process. In particular, this environment provides collaborative tools that support computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided software engineering (CASE). This paper takes an high level look at the system as a whole and then(More)
Most of today's applications have been targeted at making individuals more productive. It is common, however, for several individuals to collaborate on a project. Computers support the individual work done by group members but provide only token support for group interaction. There is a need for new tools that provide an environment where a group can(More)
Distributed Collaborative Writing Aid (DCWA) is an environment developed for a group of designers to work together. It provides real-time communication that enables collaboration members to share ideas while working together. The emphasis of this paper is on the process of integrating and generating documents. This process involves creating, editing, and(More)
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