Timothy W. Conner

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Full-length cDNA clones corresponding to the transcripts of the two alpha-tubulin genes in Chlamydomonas reinhardi were isolated. DNA sequence analysis of the cDNA clones and cloned gene fragments showed that each gene contains 1,356 base pairs of coding sequence, predicting alpha-tubulin products of 451 amino acids. Of the 27 nucleotide differences between(More)
Fruit ripening is a complex developmental process that involves specific changes in gene expression and cellular metabolism. In climateric fruits these events are coordinated by the gaseous hormone ethylene, which is synthesized autocatalytically in the early stages of ripening. Nonclimacteric fruits do not synthesize or respond to ethylene in this manner,(More)
A full-length cDNA encoding a heat shock protein (hsp) belonging to the 83 to 90 kilodalton hsp family of Arabidopsis thaliana has been isolated and sequenced. Truncated cDNA clones were isolated by nucleic acid hybridization to a truncated soybean HSP83 cDNA probe and a fragment generated from a Drosophila HSP83 gene. A single strand DNA vector/primer(More)
Five constructions containing deletions of the promoter from an auxin-inducible gene of Arabidopsis thaliana, AtAux2-11, were fused to the coding region of the reporter gene LacZ, which encodes β-galactosidase, and a polyadenylation 3′-untranslated nopaline synthase sequence from Agrobacterium. These chimeric genes were introduced into Arabidopsis by(More)
Two genes from Arabidopsis thaliana related to the auxin-inducible Aux28 and Aux22 genes of soybean have been isolated. These genes belong to a small multi-gene family and are similar to the soybean Aux gene family in the sequence of the predicted proteins, intron/exon locations, and auxin-enhanced expression of their transcripts. Application of auxin to(More)
The quadriflagellate, unicellular, colorless alga, Polytomella agilis, contains several distinct microtubule arrays. To study the genetic basis of microtubule heterogeneity in P. agilis, we characterized its tubulin(Tub)-encoding genes (tub). The three beta tub genes detected in blots of P. agilis DNA were isolated from a genomic library. The structure and(More)
Tomato fruit development is characterized by distinct developmental stages: fruit set, periods of rapid cell division and cell expansion, and the period where processes associated with ripening are dominant. During each of these stages, different aspects of cellular metabolism are favored. Accompanying these developmental changes are dramatic differences in(More)
We have demonstrated that RNA-binding proteins from coliphages and yeast can function as translational repressors in plants. RNA sequences called translational operators were inserted at a cap-proximal position in the 5′-UTR of mRNAs of two reporter genes, gusor aroA:CP4. Translation of the reporter mRNAs was efficiently repressed when the RNA binding(More)
Flies mutant for one or both of the last two enzymes of de novo pyrimidine biosynthesis express a number of phenotypes that are also expressed by mutants of the first four pathway enzymes (r and Dhod-null mutants). However, r-1 flies also express two phenotypes, mottled eyes and poor viability, that are not usually expressed by r and Dhod-null flies.(More)
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