Timothy Tuan

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Who completes transracial adoptions and with what results? This study explored pathways to and outcomes of transracial adoption among 106 families headed by lesbian (n = 27), gay (n = 29), and heterosexual (n= 50) couples. Transracial adoptions occurred more often among lesbian and gay than among heterosexual couples, and they occurred more often among(More)
PROBLEM The use of evidence-based policy is gaining attention in developing countries. Frameworks to analyse the process of developing policy and to assess whether evidence is likely to influence policy-makers are now available. However, the use of evidence in policies on caring for people with mental illness in developing countries has rarely been(More)
A survey on EPI, CDD, child morbidity, and mortality was conducted in 1988 in one province of northeastern Vietnam. Thirty out of 114 communes were randomly selected for the survey and the interviews were made by 60 students from the provincial nursing school, supervised by 10 teachers. It was found that 23 per cent of the children (n = 211) were fully(More)
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