Timothy Takaro

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We carried out a systematic overview using individual patient data from the seven randomised trials that have compared a strategy of initial coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery with one of initial medical therapy to assess the effects on mortality in patients with stable coronary heart disease (stable angina not severe enough to necessitate surgery(More)
This report presents the 42-month survival experience of 91 patients with a significant lesion of the left main coronary artery in the Veterans Administration Cooperative Study of Coronary Bypass Surgery. Survival in surgical patients was significantly better than that in the medical group (p = 0.016), even after adjustments were made for two important(More)
A multivariate risk function was developed on data from all 508 medical patients in the Veterans Administration (VA) randomized study of coronary bypass surgery. The variables, in order of importance, were ST-segment depression on resting ECG, history of myocardial infarction, history of hypertension and New York Heart Association functional classification(More)
The effect of papain on the prevalence and distribution of alveolar macrophages, alveolar septal interstitial tissue gaps and epithelial cells in normal canine pulmonary alveoli was studied by light and electron microscopy. Serial sections of whole alveoli from control animals and from animals sacrificed 4 h, two weeks and one month after the instillation(More)
T HE implantable cardiac pacemaker has rapidly become an essential modality in the clinical management of medically refrac-tory Stokes-Adams disease. In spite of increasing refinement in both the myocardial electrodes and the pacemaker, significant complications still occur and are discussed in representative papers by Chardack1 and Zoll.2 The unusual(More)
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