Timothy T. Wu

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We have tested the hypothesis that the formation of heterotopic ossification (HO) in a rabbit model is correlated with a local increase in specific prostaglandins that may modulate mechanisms of ossification. Rabbits were sacrificed at 1 to 21 days following the daily forcible flexion of immobilized knees. The extraction and analysis of prostaglandins (PG)(More)
Breast tumors expressing no detectable FGFs (MCF-7) were compared with tumors transfected with FGF4 or FGF1 (FGF4/MCF-7 or FGF1/MCF-7), and with MDA-MB-435, which produce endogenous FGF2. Tumor blood flow was measured by 133Xe diffusion, oxygen distribution was measured by Eppendorf pO2 histography, and vascular density was measured by CD31 staining. Tumors(More)
Chronic infection or colonization by mycoplasma(s) could gradually and significantly alter many biologic properties of mammalian host cells in culture, including induction of malignant transformation. We examined effects of Mycoplasma fermentans infection on the continuing survival and immortality of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from(More)
We previously reported the unusual case of a teenage girl stricken with multifocal developmental dysfunctions whose physical development was dramatically delayed resulting in her appearing to be a toddler or at best a preschooler, even unto the occasion of her death at the age of 20 years. Her life-long physician felt that the disorder was unique in the(More)
Sequence diversity within a family of functional enzymes provides a platform for elucidating structure-function relationships and for protein engineering to improve properties important for applications. Access to nature's vast sequence diversity is often limited by the fact that only a few enzymes have been characterized in a given family. Here, we(More)
Noncontiguous recombination (NCR) is a method to identify pieces of structure that can be swapped among homologous proteins to create new, chimeric proteins. These "blocks" are encoded by elements of sequence that are not necessarily contiguous along the polypeptide chain. We used NCR to design a library in which blocks of structure from Hypocrea jecorina(More)
We introduce a method for identifying elements of a protein structure that can be shuffled to make chimeric proteins from two or more homologous parents. Formulating recombination as a graph-partitioning problem allows us to identify noncontiguous segments of the sequence that should be inherited together in the progeny proteins. We demonstrate this(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies suggest a potential association between gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and atrial fibrillation. OBJECTIVE To explore the potential association between GERD and atrial fibrillation. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a retrospective study created from a database containing all health care encounters for patients who(More)
BACKGROUND Dupuytren's Disease is a common disorder of the connective tissue characterized by progressive and irreversible fibroblastic proliferation affecting the palmar fascia. Progressive flexion deformity appears over several months or years and although usually painless, it can result in a serious handicap causing loss of manual dexterity. There is no(More)