Timothy Sanchez

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The mechanism that drives the regular beating of individual cilia and flagella, as well as dense ciliary fields, remains unclear. We describe a minimal model system, composed of microtubules and molecular motors, which self-assemble into active bundles exhibiting beating patterns reminiscent of those found in eukaryotic cilia and flagella. These(More)
The influence of mushroom extract, acidification and type of acidulant (citric acid or glucono-delta-lactone) on the thermal resistance of PA 3679 spores has been studied. The pH values were 7 (phosphate buffer), 6.7 (non acidified mushroom extract), 6.22, 5.34 and 4.65 (acidified mushroom extract). Spores were less heat resistant in the non-acidified(More)
From motility of simple protists to determining the handedness of complex vertebrates, highly conserved eukaryotic cilia and flagella are essential for the reproduction and survival of many biological organisms. Despite extensive studies, the exact mechanism by which individual components coordinate their activity to produce ciliary beating patterns remains(More)
We confine actin filaments onto a 2D surface using depletion interactions and show that this significantly increases the probability of intramolecular circularization. Quantitative analysis reveals that the resulting semiflexible rings fluctuate significantly less then their linear counterparts with equal stiffness-an effect induced by the constraint of(More)
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