Timothy S. Norfolk

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Although most books on the theory of complex variables include a classification of the types of isolated singularities, and the applications of residue theory, very few concern themselves with methods of computing residues. In this paper we derive some results on the calculation of residues at poles, and some special classes of essential singularities, with(More)
k=0 akz . Some contributors to this area include Jentzsch [6], who explored the problem for a finite radius of convergence; Szegő [13], who explored the exponential function e; Rosenbloom [12], who discussed the angular distribution of zeros using potential theory, and applied his work to sub-class of the confluent hypergeometric functions; Erdős and Turán(More)
For those unfamiliar with it, the sci.math newsgroup hierarchy is a collection of thread-based bulletin boards dealing with all aspects of mathematics. Of that hierarchy, the group sci.math is devoted to the discipline in general. On any given day, topics posted there might be by high school or college students looking for help with homework, people(More)
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