Timothy S. Irvine

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The sensing of pathogen infection and subsequent triggering of innate immunity are key to controlling zoonotic infections. Myxoma virus (MV) is a cytoplasmic DNA poxvirus that in nature infects only rabbits. Our previous studies have shown that MV infection of primary mouse cells is restricted by virus-induced type I interferon (IFN). However, little is(More)
Integrin-linked kinase (ILK) is key for normal epidermal morphogenesis, but little is known about its role in hair follicle stem cells and epidermal regeneration. Hair follicle stem cells are important contributors to newly formed epidermis following injury. We inactivated the Ilk gene in the keratin 15--expressing stem cell population of the mouse hair(More)
The trilepton nucleon decay modes p→e+νν and p→μ+νν violate |Δ(B-L)| by two units. Using data from a 273.4 kt yr exposure of Super-Kamiokande a search for these decays yields a fit consistent with no signal. Accordingly, lower limits on the partial lifetimes of τp→e+νν>1.7×10(32) years and τp→μ+νν>2.2×10(32) years at a 90% confidence level are obtained.(More)
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