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There is a growing need within the international water research and water resources management community, and the general public, for easy access to time-series of projected, measured, and reconstructed marine and freshwater coastal surface water elevations. There is also a need for effectively communicating variability among different surface water(More)
Human subjects can quickly adapt and maintain performance of arm reaching when experiencing novel physical environments such as robot-induced velocity-dependent force fields. Using anodal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) this study showed that the primary motor cortex may play a role in motor adaptation of this sort. Subjects performed arm(More)
In order to design effective human-machine interfaces, it is important to demonstrate that stereotypical movements such as reaching display predictable patterns of activation in muscles that operate at shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. Whilst humans display a wide repertoire of adaptive behavior in natural movements, this study demonstrates that muscles(More)
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