Timothy S. Hunter

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Human subjects can quickly adapt and maintain performance of arm reaching when experiencing novel physical environments such as robot-induced velocity-dependent force fields. Using anodal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) this study showed that the primary motor cortex may play a role in motor adaptation of this sort. Subjects performed arm(More)
There is a growing need within the international water research and water resources management community, and the general public, for easy access to time-series of projected, measured, and reconstructed marine and freshwater coastal surface water elevations. There is also a need for effectively communicating variability among different surface water(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The purposes of this study were to determine the degree to which medical students are exposed to interventional radiology (IR) in medical school, to assess their knowledge of the field, and to gauge their interest in IR as a career choice. MATERIALS AND METHODS An institutional review board-approved survey was generated using the(More)
Growing demand from the general public for centralized points of data access and analytics tools coincides with similar, well-documented needs of regional and international hydrology research and resource management communities. To address this need within the Laurentian Great Lakes region, we introduce the Great Lakes Dashboard (GLD), a dynamic web data(More)
[1] One approach to regional water balance modeling is to constrain rainfall-runoff models with a synthetic regionalized hydrologic response. For example, the Large Basin Runoff Model (LBRM), a cornerstone of hydrologic forecasting in the Laurentian Great Lakes basin, was calibrated to a synthetic discharge record resulting from a drainage area ratio method(More)
In order to design effective human-machine interfaces, it is important to demonstrate that stereotypical movements such as reaching display predictable patterns of activation in muscles that operate at shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. Whilst humans display a wide repertoire of adaptive behavior in natural movements, this study demonstrates that muscles(More)
The goal of this homework assignment was to use linear regression to predict users’ ratings of books sold on Amazon.com. To construct the feature matrix, we tokenized the written review texts in several different ways: With and without stemming, as well as using either single words as tokens or bigrams. The dependent variable is a star rating given by(More)
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