Timothy Roberts

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A stereotaxic frame worn during computed tomographic (CT) scanning of the head produces landmarks in each section that are used to relate section coordinates to frame coordinates. A small, commercially available, programmable calculator is used to interrelate frame and CT section geometry. The system can be used with any CT scanner that can specify (x,y)(More)
A system has been developed for using computed tomography to direct stereotactic neurosurgical procedures. This system operates with many commercially available CT body scanners and does not require any modification to be made to either the scanner or its computer software. The use of this system does not require rigid fixation of the patient to the scanner(More)
US space capabilities benefit the economy, national security, international relationships, scientific discovery, and our quality of life. Realizing these space responsibilities is challenging not only because the space domain is increasingly congested, contested, and competitive but is further complicated by the legacy space situational awareness (SSA)(More)
We report a broadband-gain superluminescent diode (SLD) based on self-assembled InAs quantum dots (QDs) for application in a high-resolution optical coherence tomography (OCT) light source. Four InAs QD layers, with sequentially shifted emission wavelengths achieved by varying the thickness of the In 0.2 Ga 0.8 As strain-reducing capping layers, were(More)
This document summarises guidelines produced by the UK Jisc-funded PREPARDE data publication project on the key issues of repository accreditation. It aims to lay out the principles and the requirements for data repositories intent on providing a dataset as part of the research record and as part of a research publication. The data publication requirements(More)
As time passes the devices that are used to interact and manipulate sound changes. This paper investigates a technology that has seen rapid advancement in the past decade, multi-touch. This paper looks at current technologies used in optical multi-touch devices. Also covered are the concepts and techniques behind the Music Technology Group's reacTable*. The(More)
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