Timothy Reilly

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BACKGROUND A rapid, reliable, and accurate test for the diagnosis of infection with Helicobacter pylori is needed for screening dyspeptic patients before referral for endoscopy. AIM To compare a new rapid whole blood test (Helisal rapid blood, Cortecs), two serum enzyme linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs; Helico-G, Shield and Helisal serum, Cortecs), and(More)
In patients often require repeated colonoscopy as a result of poor colonic preparation. A study of 101 inpatients was conducted to determine the most effective bowel preparation strategies. Results suggest patients on certain medications and with certain medical histories react differently to bowel preparation. Patients with diabetes, renal disease, chronic(More)
BACKGROUND Helicobacter pylori eradication for peptic ulcer has been widely taken up. Evidence for the efficacy of different regimens is often derived from small series in clinical trials but there is little reporting of everyday practice with unselected patients. Freedom from ulcer relapse has been demonstrated, but not whether this equates with clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Low-dose H2-receptor antagonists are available without prescription for the self-medication of dyspepsia. METHODS To investigate the relative abilities of low doses of famotidine and ranitidine to raise intragastric pH after a single post-prandial evening dose, 25 healthy volunteers completed a three-period cross-over trial of famotidine 10 mg,(More)
To investigate the relative abilities of low doses of famotidine and cimetidine to raise intragastric pH after a single postprandial evening dose, 16 healthy volunteers were recruited to a four period crossover trial of famotidine 10 mg, cimetidine 100 mg and 200 mg compared with placebo. Intragastric pH was monitored between 1800 and 0730 with a(More)
To the Editor: Leuprolide is a synthetic luteinizing hormone– releasing hormone (LHRH) agonist used in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. It is available as an immediate-release intramuscular injection, a depot suspension for intramuscular injection, and an extended-release suspension for subcutaneous injection. After a 45-mg dose of subcutaneous(More)
BACKGROUND Amongst the low-dose H2-receptor antagonists available for the self-medication of dyspepsia, both famotidine 10 mg and cimetidine 200 mg have been shown to raise intragastric pH, but there is a delay after ingestion before significant effects can be demonstrated. A new effervescent preparation of cimetidine 200 mg releases an acid buffer which(More)
The treatment of duodenal ulcer has evolved from ineffective medical treatments through an era of surgical management, back to increasingly effective medical treatment. The advent of H2-receptor antagonists changed the outlook for ulcer patients. More recently, Helicobacter pylori, an organism which inhabits gastric mucosa exclusively, has been implicated(More)
Hereditary haemochromatosis is the most common inherited disorder in white populations, whereas non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is becoming the most common reason for referral for investigation of abnormal liver function tests (LFTs). This report describes two sisters, from similar environments, who were referred to the clinic after being found to be(More)
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