Timothy Randolph

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In this paper the theory of evolution semigroups is developed and used to provide a framework to study the stability of general linear control systems. These include autonomous and nonautonomous systems modeled with unbounded state-space operators acting on Banach spaces. This approach allows one to apply the classical theory of strongly continuous(More)
We study linear control systems with unbounded control and observation operators using certain regularization techniques. This allows us to introduce a modification of the transfer function for the system even if the input and output operators are not admissible in the usual sense. The modified transfer function is utilized to show exponential stability of(More)
Network reconstruction is an important yet challenging task in systems biology. While many methods have been recently proposed for reconstructing biological networks from diverse data types, properties of estimated networks and differences between reconstruction methods are not well understood. In this paper, we conduct a comprehensive empirical evaluation(More)
High-dose busulfan (busulfan) is an integral part of the majority of hematopoietic cell transplantation conditioning regimens. Intravenous (IV) busulfan doses are personalized using pharmacokinetics (PK)-guided dosing where the patient’s IV busulfan clearance is calculated after the first dose and is used to personalize subsequent doses to a target plasma(More)
In this paperthetheoryofevolution semigroups isdevelop ed and usedtoprovidea framework to studythestabilit y ofgeneral linear control systems. These include autonomousand nonautonomoussystemsmo deledwithunbounded state-space operators acting on Banach spaces. Thisapproac h allo ws one to applytheclassical theoryofstrongly contin uous semigroups to(More)
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