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Vehicular Networking: A Survey and Tutorial on Requirements, Architectures, Challenges, Standards and Solutions
In this survey and tutorial paper we introduce the basic characteristics of vehicular networks, provide an overview of applications and associated requirements, along with challenges and their proposed solutions. Expand
Adding Attributes to Role-Based Access Control
Merging the best features of RBAC and attribute-based systems can provide effective access control for distributed and rapidly changing applications. Expand
ABAC and RBAC: Scalable, Flexible, and Auditable Access Management
Is it possible to obtain the flexibility and advantages of attribute-based access control while maintaining role-based access control's advantages for analysis and risk control?
Service Management for ITS Using WAVE (1609.3) Networking
Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Proof‐of‐Concept Results and Findings – Infrastructure
In 2005, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) initiated a program to develop and test a 5.9GHz‐based Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) proof of concept (POC). Expand
VPKI Hits the Highway: Secure Communication for the Connected Vehicle Program
This article presents a condensed account of the 10-year effort to develop and deploy vehicular public-key infrastructure (VPKI) as a security infrastructure for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V and vehicle- to-infrastructure) intelligent transportations systems (ITS). Expand
An RBAC Implementation and Interoperability Standard: The INCITS Cyber Security 1.1 Model
An operational definition for role-based access control (RBAC) is that permission assignment is based on the role a principal is assuming during a work session. Expand
IT Risk and Resilience - Cybersecurity Response to COVID-19
The rapid and worldwide spread of coronavirus and its illness known as COVID-19 has made huge impact on almost everything has taken us all by surprise. Expand
Role Engineering: Methods and Standards
Most of today's large firms use some form of role-based access control (RBAC) to support thousands of users and permission controls. Expand