Timothy R Pawelek

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Prostaglandin H synthase isoform-1 (PGHS-1) cyclooxygenase activity has a cooperative response to arachidonate concentration, whereas the second isoform, PGHS-2, exhibits saturable kinetics. The basis for the cooperative PGHS-1 behavior and for the difference in cooperativity between the isoforms was unclear. The two cyclooxygenase activities have different(More)
BACKGROUND Postthoracotomy pain is quite intense. Epidural analgesia (EPI) has long been the gold standard but is often associated with hypotension and urinary retention. The recent availability of liposomal bupivacaine formulation (Exparel) stimulated us to use it for multilevel intercostal nerve blocks (IB) injected during open thoracotomy. METHODS We(More)
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