Timothy R. Ginn

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This is a review of physical, chemical, and biological processes governing microbial transport in the saturated subsurface. We begin with the conceptual models of the biophase that underlie mathematical descriptions of these processes and the physical processes that provide the framework for recent focus on less understood processes. Novel conceptual models(More)
A Bayesian parameter estimation approach is developed for the estimation of joint probability distribution functions for colloid and bacterial fate and transport model parameters describing breakthrough curves (BTCs) obtained through porous media column studies, and is applied to data involving different ionic strength solutions to fit models of differing(More)
Carbon sequestration, infrastructure rehabilitation, brownfields clean-up, hazardous waste disposal, water resources protection and global warming-these twenty-first century challenges can neither be solved by the high-energy consumptive practices that hallmark industry today, nor by minor tweaking or optimization of these processes. A more radical,(More)
By integrating a population dynamic model with models of contaminant/stressor fate and transport and biological organism movement, researchers can capture the impact of spatial and temporal heterogeneity on population dynamics, and ultimately develop and implement improved management decisions and policies
Groundwater age distributions are used to estimate the parameters of Fickian, and non-Fickian, effective models of solute transport. Based on the similarities between the transport and age equations, we develop a deconvolution based approach that describes transport between two monitoring wells. We show that the proposed method gives exact estimates of the(More)
This study investigates the impact of specific environmental conditions on the formation of colloidal U(IV) nanoparticles by the sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB, Desulfovibrio alaskensis G20). The reduction of soluble U(VI) to less soluble U(IV) was quantitatively investigated under growth and non-growth conditions in bicarbonate or(More)
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