Timothy R Daniels

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INTRODUCTION Hip fractures are a leading cause of mortality and disability worldwide, and the number of hip fractures is expected to rise to over 6 million per year by 2050. The optimal approach for the surgical management of displaced femoral neck fractures remains unknown. Current evidence suggests the use of arthroplasty; however, there is lack of(More)
OBJECTIVE To improve the ability of primary care physicians to recognize the mechanisms and common presentations of low-velocity Lisfranc injuries (LFIs) and to impart an improved understanding of the role of imaging and principles of primary care in low-velocity LFIs. SOURCES OF INFORMATION A MEDLINE literature review was performed and the results were(More)
BACKGROUND Obese patients have a slightly higher proportion of revision and infection following knee or hip replacement, but functional improvement is equivalent to that of normal-weight patients. We compared outcomes of total ankle replacement for end-stage ankle arthritis in obese and normal-weight patients. METHODS This retrospective cohort study(More)
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