Timothy R. B. Taylor

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Models of dynamic systems are often constructed to improve system performance by identifying and modifying structures and parameters that drive system behavior. Once identified, these can be used to design and test policies for performance improvement. A preliminary step in developing policies is the identification of high leverage parameters and(More)
Because of the lack of standard utility installation construction specifications at the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), many different versions of utility installation special specifications and special provisions exist around the state. Those specifications and provisions frequently contain very similar information. Closely related to the need(More)
The Utility Accommodation Rules (UAR) prescribe minimums relative to the accommodation, location, installation, adjustment, and maintenance of utility facilities on the state right of way (ROW). The UAR only cover basic requirements, which makes it necessary to rely on additional guidelines, specifications, and special provisions to handle situations that(More)
Natural systems and society share a symbiotic relationship with each affecting the health and welfare of the other. More importantly, society's impacts on natural systems can lead to negative side effects on society such as increased respiratory illness from air pollution, contaminated drinking water from industrial runoff, and increased skin cancer risk(More)
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