Timothy Putnam

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At this time, there are no widely accepted criteria for the diagnosis of multifocal motor neuropathy. Furthermore, there is insufficient empirical data to define clinical and laboratory features that may reliably separate certain lower motor neuron syndromes with overlapping features as distinct. The AAEM therefore developed five criteria through a formal(More)
This paper describes a tracheal rupture resulting from forceful cervical manipulation in a patient with healed tracheostomy performed 25 years earlier. It is hypothesized that the manipulation caused a tear in the anterior tracheal wall followed by recurrent abscesses and tracheocutaneous fistulas. Xerography revealed a ballooning out of the abscess cavity(More)
Adoption of newly available materials and knowledge, through trial and error experiment, sometimes can result in an increase of productivity as well as improvement of quality. This is often true in industry in general, and can also be true in the prosthetic field . This paper describes a fabrication system combining many widely used techniques (2,4,5,6) and(More)
Search has become a hot topic in Internet computing, with rival search engines battling to become the de facto Web portal, harnessing search algorithms to wade through information on a scale undreamed of by early information retrieval (IR) pioneers. This article examines how search has matured from its roots in specialized IR systems to become a key(More)
A simple technique is described for measuring the F-wave conduction time of the proximal segment of peripheral nerves. This should prove helpful in the diagnosis of a proximal neuropathy or myelopathy. The F wave (Fw) and M response at the wrist (Mw) and the M response at the axilla (Ma) can be used to calculate the conduction time, defined as Axillary F(More)
Search Engines exploit the Web’s hyperlink structure to help infer information content. The new phenomenon of personal Web logs, or ‘blogs’, encourage more extensive annotation of Web content. If their resulting link structures bias the Web crawling applications that search engines depend upon, there are implications for another form of annotation rapidly(More)
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