Timothy P. Setterfield

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This paper presents a procedure to model the drawbar pull and resistive torque of an unknown terrain as a function of normal load and slip using on-board rover instruments. Kapvik , which is a planetary micro-rover prototype with a rocker-bogie mobility system, is simulated in two dimensions. A suite of sensors is used to take relevant measurements; in(More)
Spacecraft proximity operations near an unknown and uncooperative and spinning target object is a challenging problem. One of the key steps in ensuring safe operations is building a map of the target object. Additionally, it is useful to estimate the relative position, orientation, linear and angular velocities of the object as well as its center of mass,(More)
This paper presents the conceptual design and analysis of a system intended to increase the range, scientific capability, and safety of manned lunar surface exploration, requiring only a modest increase in capability over the Apollo mission designs. The system is intended to enable two astronauts, exploring with an unpressurized rover, to remove their space(More)
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