Timothy P Nguyen

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Cellular self-organization is essential to physiological tissue and organ development. We previously observed that vascular mesenchymal cells, a multipotent subpopulation of aortic smooth muscle cells, self-organize into macroscopic, periodic patterns in culture. The patterns are produced by cells gathering into raised aggregates in the shape of nodules or(More)
We analyze the wave equation in families of pp-wave geometries developing strong localized scale-invariant singularities in certain limits. For both cases of well-localized pp-waves and the so-called null-cosmologies, we observe an intriguing discrete dependence of the existence of a singular limit on the normalization of the pp-wave profile. We also find(More)
Let F be a power series centered at the origin in a real Banach space with radius of uniform convergence ρ. We show that F is analytic in the open ball B of radius ρ/ √ e, and furthermore, the Taylor series of F about any point a ∈ B converges uniformly within every closed ball centered at a contained in B. MSC number: 32A05, 46B99 key words: power series,(More)
The planar circular restricted three-body problem (PCR3BP) is a standard example of a system with two degrees of freedom that is not integrable. Despite the efforts of many great mathematicians for over the past two centuries, our understanding of the solutions of PCR3BP is still far from complete. One way to understand the behavior of such solutions is(More)
In this series of lectures, my goal is to explain mathematical aspects of quantum field theory to a general audience. Perhaps the fact that I had to mention the phrase “mathematical aspects” already suggests the difficulty of such a goal. Although quantum field theory is a subject originating from and belonging to physics, it has nevertheless made profound(More)
PURPOSE Advancements in laparoscopic surgical simulation have led to technologically sophisticated but generally more costly surgical trainers. Given that higher costs can limit training institutions, an exploration of cost-effective alternatives is a worthwhile endeavor. We compared commercial video laparoscopic trainers and less expensive simple(More)
We concluded the previous lecture by discussing the finite dimensional version of Wick’s lemma, which computes integrals of polynomials against Gaussian measures as a sum over Feynman diagrams. In today’s lecture, we will see how this procedure carries over to the infinite dimensional setting of (perturbative) quantum field theory. It is instructive to work(More)
Using Morse-Bott techniques adapted to the gauge-theoretic setting, we show that the limiting boundary values of the space of finite energy monopoles on a 3-manifold with cylindrical ends provides an immersed Lagrangian submanifold of the vortex moduli space at infinity. By studying the signed intersections of such Lagrangians, we supply the analytic(More)
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