Timothy P. Mavor

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[1] Sea surface temperature (SST) fronts are determined for the 2001–2004 time period from Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) data in the California Current System (CCS). The probability of detecting a SST front at an individual pixel location in the CCS is presented as a bimonthly climatology. Fronts clearly indicate the seasonal(More)
[1] Data from Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites are used to study the seasonal evolution of temperature fronts in the northern California Current System (CCS), focusing on the interactions with topographic features. Fronts first appear close to the coast in response to upwelling winds, moving offshore with the continuous input of energy to(More)
2006. Mapping shallow water tides: a look at the past and future. Empirical orthogonal function analysis of magnetic observatory data: Further evidence for non-axisymmetric sources for satellite induction studies, Constraints on mantle anelasticity from geodetic observations and implications for the J 2 anomaly, Geophys.
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