Timothy P. Kurzweg

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This paper describes a computationally efficient method to simulate mixed-domain systems under the requirements of a system-level framework. The approach is the combined use of Modified Nodal Analysis (MNA) for the representation of a mixed-technology device and piecewise linear (PWL) techniques to overcome the costly numerical evaluation found in(More)
As designers become more aggressive in introducing optical components to micro-systems, rigorous optical models are required for system-level simulation tools. Common optical modeling techniques and approximations are not valid for most optical micro-systems, and those techniques that provide accurate simulation are computationally slow. In this paper, we(More)
Chatoyant is a tool for the simulation and the analysis of heterogeneous free-space optoelectronic architectures. It is capable of modeling digital and analog electronic and optical signal propagation with mechanical tolerancing at the system level. We present models for a variety of optoelectronic devices and results that demonstrate the system's ability(More)
—We present a component-based multi-level mixed-signal design and simulation environment for microsystems spanning the domains of electronics, mechanics, and optics. The environment provides a solution to the problem of accurate modeling and simulation of multi-domain devices at the system level. This is achieved by partitioning the system into components(More)
This paper presents a system capable of static and dynamic simulationsof heterogeneous opto-electronic systems. It is capable ofmodeling Gaussian optical signal propagation with mechanicaltolerancing at the system level. We present results which demonstratethe system's ability to predict the effects of various componentparameters, such as detector geometry,(More)
Optical MEMS have the potential to drastically reduce the size and cost of digital communications and computation systems. However, the multiple technologies (optical, electrical, and mechanical) utilized in optical MEM systems has led to new challenges in the creation of computer aided design tools for these systems. This paper presents a system level(More)
Chatoyant models free-space opto-electronic components and systems and performs simulations and analyses that allow designers to make informed system level trade-offs. Recently, the use of MEM bulk and surface micro-machining technology has enabled the fabrication of micro-optical-mechanical systems. This paper presents our models for diffractive optics and(More)