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Limb resonance imparts a characteristic spectrum to hand tremor. Movement will alter the resonance. We have examined the consequences of this change. Rectified forearm extensor muscle EMG and physiological hand tremor were recorded. In postural conditions the EMG spectrum is relatively flat whereas the acceleration spectrum is sharply peaked. Consequently,(More)
Little is known about the protective role of inflammatory processes in modulating lipid metabolism in infection. Here we report an intimate link between the innate immune response to infection and regulation of the sterol metabolic network characterized by down-regulation of sterol biosynthesis by an interferon regulatory loop mechanism. In time-series(More)
Much work on ellipsis has been conducted using data from English, and many widely acknowledged types of ellipsis exist in Eng-lish. The extent to which the named ellipsis mechanisms exist in other languages is, though, often not clear. This manuscript surveys ellipsis in Mandarin Chinese using a dependency-based approach to syntax. It probes to see which(More)
This contribution provides a historical overview of the analysis of function words in surface syntactic dependency hierarchies. The overview establishes that the analysis of prepositions has been almost unanimous: they are positioned as heads over their nouns. There has been more variation concerning the status of auxiliary verbs, although most DG(More)
This contribution delivers two messages: 1) that the tests for constituents that are widely employed in linguistics and syntax textbooks are more congruent with dependency-based syntax than with constituency-based syntax and 2) that these same tests support the conventional analysis of function words, that is, the analysis that takes most function words(More)
This contribution examines the descriptive and resultative de-constructions in Mandarin Chinese, e.g. Wǒ pǎo-de hěn kuài 'I run very fast'. There is a longstanding debate about this construction. The primary point of dispute concerns the main predicate: Is the first predicate the root of the sentence, i.e. pǎo-de 'run', or is the second predicate the root,(More)
A recent project to produce a much belated English translation of Lucien Tesnière's Éléments de syntaxe structurale has provided the opportunity for an in depth look at Tesnière's theory of syntax. This contribution examines a few aspects of Tesnière's work through the lens of modern syntactic theory. Tesnière's understandings of constituents and phrases,(More)