Timothy Osborn

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PURPOSE Improvements in imaging technology, particularly computed tomographic angiography (CTA), have altered the management of patients with penetrating neck injuries. Although some centers still advocate routine exploration for all zone 2 neck injuries penetrating the platysma, many civilian centers in the United States have adopted a policy of selective(More)
BACKGROUND Improvements in imaging technology, particularly computed tomographic angiography (CTA), have altered the management of patients with penetrating injuries in the neck. The purpose of this retrospective study is to evaluate our 5-year experience with the management of penetrating injuries to the neck, to the further elucidate the role of CTA in(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical experience with surgical decompression of specific peripheral nerves in the head and neck for the relief of migraine headache symptoms has proven to be effective in most patients. Some patients, however, continue to have residual symptoms after these procedures. In an effort to better understand potential etiologies for failure of(More)
Anxiety is known to cause feelings of uneasiness, tension, and nervousness, and previous studies have noted that anxiety and its effects may have an effect on out-patient sedation for patients undergoing surgical procedures. In this study, we assess the effects of anxiety on 25 outpatients undergoing intravenous sedation for third molar extraction. Before(More)
Knowledge of the management of infections of the deep spaces of the neck is essential to the daily practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Timely decisions must be made through the acute course of the disease. Interventions must be performed with the appropriate surgical skill. The surgeon must decide on medical and surgical management, including(More)
BACKGROUND Adenosine regulates pain transmission by actions at spinal, supraspinal, and peripheral sites. A few studies have suggested that administration of adenosine might be associated with anesthetic- and analgesic-sparing effects. The primary aim of this multicenter study was to determine the dose-response profile of adenosine with respect to(More)
Past data management practices in many fields of natural science, including climate research, have focused primarily on the final research output – the research publication – with less attention paid to the chain of intermediate data results and their associated metadata, including provenance. Data were often regarded merely as an adjunct to the(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this article is to review the mechanism of action, physiological effects, and therapeutic applications of botulinum neurotoxins in the head and neck area. STUDY DESIGN An extensive literature search was performed using keywords. The resulting articles were analyzed for relevance in four areas: overview on botulinum neurotoxins, the(More)