Timothy O. Dickson

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—A 2 31 1 pseudorandom binary sequence (PRBS) generator with adjustable output data rates up to 80 Gb/s is reported in a production 130-nm BiCMOS process with 150-GHz SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT). The pseudorandom sequence is generated at 20 Gb/s using a linear feedback shift register (FSR), which is then multiplexed up to 80 Gb/s with a 4:1(More)
—Silicon planar and three-dimensional inductors and transformers were designed and characterized on-wafer up to 100 GHz. Self-resonance frequencies (SRFs) beyond 100 GHz were obtained, demonstrating for the first time that spiral structures are suitable for applications such as 60-GHz wireless local area network and 77-GHz automotive RADAR. Minimizing area(More)
The feasibility of integrating antennas and required circuits to form wireless interconnects in foundry digital CMOS technologies has been demonstrated. The key challenges including the effects of metal structures associated with integrated circuits, heat removal, packaging, and interaction of transmitted and received signals with nearby circuits appear to(More)
A high-speed input comparator and output driver with adjustable pre-emphasis for applications in serial inter-chip communications over backplanes at 20 Gb/s is presented. The circuit was implemented in 130-nm CMOS and consumes 140 mW from a 1.5-V supply. It has over 30 dB dynamic range with a sensitivity of 20 mVp-p and a differential output swing of 700(More)