Timothy Moore

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The chloroplastic envelope is composed of two membranes, inner and outer, each with a distinct set of polypeptides. Like proteins in other chloroplastic compartments, most envelope proteins are synthesized in the cytosol and post-translationally imported into chloroplasts. Considerable knowledge has been obtained concerning protein import proteins. We(More)
PURPOSE Lenalidomide is a novel immunomodulatory agent with antiproliferative activities. Given its efficacy in a wide range of hematologic malignancies, we conducted a phase II trial (NHL-001) of single-agent lenalidomide in indolent non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with relapsed/refractory indolent NHL were eligible, with no(More)
The catabolic plasmid pVI150 of Pseudomonas sp. strain CF600 encodes all the genetic information required for the regulated metabolism of phenol and some of its methyl-substituted derivatives. The structural dmp genes of the pathway are clustered in a single operon that lies just downstream of a -24 TGGC, -12 TTGC nif/ntr-like promoter sequence. Promoters(More)
The dmp operon of the pVI150 catabolic plasmid of Pseudomonas sp. strain CF600 encodes the enzymes involved in the catabolism of phenol and methylphenols. The regulator of this dmp pathway, DmpR, is a member of the NtrC family of transcriptional activators and controls transcription of the dmp operon in response to aromatic effector compounds (V. Shingler,(More)
Multiple systemic therapies have been used to treat patients with endometrial cancer. Although progestins have been the standard initial treatment for metastatic disease for the past 30 years, they are effective in only 20% of patients, and several large randomized trials have failed to demonstrate any benefit in the adjuvant setting. Alternative agents(More)
The opportunistic fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans has two mating types, MATa and MAT alpha. The MAT alpha strains are more virulent. Mating of opposite mating type haploid yeast cells results in the production of a filamentous hyphal phase. The MAT alpha locus has been isolated in this study in order to identify the genetic differences between(More)
Transcription from Pseudomonas-derived -24, -12 Po promoter of the pVI150-encoded dmp operon is mediated by the sigma 54-dependent DmpR activator in response to the presence of aromatic pathway substrates in the medium. However, global regulatory mechanisms are superimposed on this regulatory system so that the specific response to aromatic effectors is(More)
BACKGROUND Diastolic ventricular interaction describes a situation in which the volume of one ventricle is directly influenced by the volume of the other ventricle. Such interaction is normally negligible, but it is accentuated in circumstances associated with pulmonary hypertension and volume overload. When this interaction occurs, acute volume unloading(More)
PriA protein provides a means to load the DnaB replicative helicase at DNA replication fork and D loop structures, and is therefore a key factor in the rescue of stalled or broken forks and subsequent replication restart. We show that the nucleoid-associated RdgC protein binds non-specifically to single-stranded (ss) DNA and double-stranded DNA. It is also(More)
BACKGROUND Interest in incorporating quality of life as an end point in clinical studies of cancer treatment has intensified in recent years. PURPOSE We provide practical suggestions that will assist investigators considering including quality-of-life assessment in phase III therapeutic trials. METHODS We discuss issues important in study planning,(More)