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The Phonology of Negation in Alabama
Imperfective Gemination in Alabama
Auxiliaries and other Categories in Straits Salishan1
  • Timothy Montler
  • Psychology
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1 April 2003
Tests for category membership in Klallam and Northern Straits can be found in the distribution of the constituents of what have been called complex predicates, the first element of which typicallyExpand
Dictionary of the Alabama language
"Muskogean specialists and linguists in general will find it hard to overestimate the significance of this dictionary . . . [it] contains vast amounts of important data, well analyzed, wellExpand
The Major Processes Affecting Klallam Vowels
The first problem one encounters in investigating the Klallam vowel system is the distinction between /a/ and /¤/. Phonetically the high vowels /i/ and /u/ are unproblematic. /¤/ and /a/, on theExpand
Attributive Constructions in Saanich
This paper gives a descriptive sketch of the various structures of the Saanich dialect of North Straits Salish has to express attribution and to look at structures similar to those designatedExpand
The formation of the Alabama middle voice
Abstract Alabama has a middle voice morpheme with three simple variants involving an l, which occur either as prefixes or infixes in the forms il, l, and li. The variants with l are in complementaryExpand