Timothy Martin

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The following hypothesis attempts to explain the puzzling fact that osteoblasts--the bone-forming cells--seem to be the target cells of parathyroid hormone (PTH), the prostaglandins, and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 (1,25(OH)2D3), the bone-resorbing hormones. This hypothesis combines some old and new physiological, biochemical, and morphological data, and(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the pathologic conditions, preoperative evaluation, treatment, and clinical outcomes associated with sphenoid sinus disease. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING Tertiary university-based referral center. PATIENTS All patients with isolated sphenoid sinus disease managed surgically or in which surgery was considered a primary(More)
The behavioral effects of cannabinoids are dependent upon numerous variables which include species differences, dose, experimental conditions, etc. The complexity of the cannabinoid behavioral syndrome certainly complicates attempts to establish biochemical correlates. It is for this reason that attempts are being made to develop analogs that exhibit(More)
Isobolograms have been widely used to characterize the nature of the interaction between combinations of drugs or chemicals. Some authors have applied this technique without accounting for the variability in the data or without adjusting for multiple comparisons to the line of additivity. This paper develops a graphical procedure which takes into account(More)
The nature of mecamylamine's and pempidine's antagonism of nicotine in the central nervous system has not been defined clearly. Although these compounds are thought to be noncompetitive antagonists in the brain due to the fact that they do not compete effectively for agonist binding to brain tissue in vitro, pharmacological evidence is lacking. The(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW The purpose of this review is to discuss endoscopic management of cerebrospinal fluid leaks and to highlight recent advances in both outcomes and technique. RECENT FINDINGS Endoscopic techniques targeting the repair of skull-base defects have evolved as instrumentation for intranasal use has developed. The principles of endoscopic repair(More)
Alpha-1 adrenergic receptors in surgically denervated rat vas deferens were studied using radioligand binding assays of [125I] BE 2254 ([125I]BE) and contraction measurements. Scatchard analysis of saturation isotherms of specific [125I]BE binding showed no change in the affinity or density of binding sites 4, 7 or 14 days after denervation of rat vas(More)
We conducted a retrospective study to determine the treatment outcomes of 6 patients who had either unilateral or bilateral elongated styloid processes and symptoms consistent with Eagle syndrome. Five of these patients had undergone transcervical resection of the styloid process, with relief of symptoms over the follow-up period (mean: 8 mo). Two of the 5(More)
The amino-terminal fragment of a tumoral parathyroid hormone-related peptide (PTHrP (1–34)) produced by a human squamous cell carcinoma of the lung was recently synthetized. In the present work its effect on the amiloride-sensitive sodium transport, taken as an estimate of the Na+/H+ exchanger activity of cultured opossum kidney (OK) epithelia was compared(More)