Timothy Mark Jones

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Transient faults are becoming more of a problem to processor designers as feature sizes shrink and the number of transistors on a chip increases. Significant research has focused on hardware techniques to evaluate and reduce the architectural vulnerability to soft errors (AVF). This paper, however, considers the problem from a different angle, evaluating(More)
—In this paper, we characterize the impact of compiler optimizations on voltage noise. While intuition may suggest that the better processor utilization ensured by optimizing compilers results in a small amount of voltage variation, our measurements on a Intel R Core TM 2 Duo processor show the opposite – the majority of SPEC 2006 benchmarks exhibit more(More)
The amount of plant biodiversity data available via the web has exploded in the last decade, but making these data available requires a considerable investment of time and work, both vital considerations for organizations and institutions looking to validate the impact factors of these online works. Here we used Google Analytics (GA), to measure the value(More)
Graminoids, including grasses, are frequently described in the botanical literature as being wind-pollinated. This paper offers visual evidence for insect pollination of a grass. Three of the bees involved were found to have 100% grass pollen in their pollen sacs. In reviewing the literature for this paper, it was evident that those working with bees are(More)
Topic: Portable compiler optimizations for parallel computing. My research focuses on the evaluation and tuning of compiler transformations for graphics processors. The final goal is to develop a single optimizing compiler capable of automatically achieving performance portability across devices of different generations and vendors. My main research tools(More)
Optical network-on-chip (NoC) are being investigated to reduce the latency and power consumption of networks for multicore processors. Our previous work has shown that switched optical networks can achieve lower latency for a given power consumption and component count in shared memory processors compared with arbitration-free networks such as single writer(More)
Automatic parallelization is an increasingly important technique for accelerating sequential applications on multicore processors. This approach relies on having an accurate compile-time dependence analysis to identify independent sections of code. Previously it has been assumed that improving this analysis would also improve the performance of parallelized(More)
Images are a critical part of the identification process because they enable direct, immediate and relatively unmediated comparisons between a specimen being identified and one or more reference specimens. The Carices Interactive Visual Identification Key (CIVIK) is a novel tool for identification of North American Carex species, the largest vascular plant(More)