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In this paper we present several regularizations for higher-index differential-algebraic equations with rank-deficient or singular constraints. These types of problems arise, for example, in the solution of constrained mechanical systems, when a mechanism's trajectory passes through or near a kinematic singularity. We derive a class of regularizations for(More)
The free market forces infrastructure operators to increase their operational efficiency. To achieve this, among other things personnel costs have to be reduced. This implicates the reduction of the number of train station inspectors. Since they were also responsible for checking the passing trains for fault states, the higher distances of unobserved(More)
During the last years a concept for an overall train inspection system was developed which allows integration of different stand-alone sensor systems for wayside train monitoring (hot box detection, dynamic weighing, derailment detection, etc.). This paper describes the approach how this concept can be extended for cross-border traffic between different(More)
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