Timothy Kuhn

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Numerous researchers and practitioners have turned to complexity science to better understand human systems. Simulation can be used to observe how the microlevel actions of many human agents create emergent structures and novel behavior in complex adaptive systems. In such simulations, communication between human agents is often modeled simply as message(More)
The final copy of this thesis has been examined by the signatories, and we find that both the content and the form meet acceptable presentation standards of scholarly work in the above mentioned discipline. Across a wide variety of literatures, researchers consistently identify similar values and practices that characterize " engineering culture. "(More)
Scholars and practitioners increasingly strive to understand the complexities marking implementations of organizational change programs. Studies on this topic often concentrate on members' cognition about a planned change, regularly finding that members' knowledge structures and interpretations either converge or diverge over time. Using interviews,(More)
Recent implementation of Public Law 99-457 has high-lighted the integral role of pediatricians in early intervention for infants and young children (birth to age 3 years) with disabilities and their families. Faculty representatives of all US pediatric residency programs were surveyed to determine the current status of resident education about issues in(More)
The Communication Monographs Cafe´first opened six months ago when it hosted a group of scholars to talk about issues social justice and public scholarship. The conversation was wide-ranging and stimulating, so we knew it was important to open the Cafeón a regular basis for more interaction about the issues that are engaging today's communication(More)
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