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Let Km = Q(ζm) where ζm is a primitive mth root of unity. Let p > 2 be prime and let Cp denote the group of order p. The ring of algebraic integers of Km is Om = Z[ζm]. Let Λm,p denote the order Om[Cp] in the algebra Km[Cp]. Consider the kernel group D(Λm,p) and the Swan subgroup T (Λm,p). If (p,m) = 1 these two subgroups of the class group coincide.(More)
The holomorph of a group G is NormB(λ(G)), the normalizer of the left regular representation λ(G) in its group of permutations B = Perm(G). The multiple holomorph of G is the normalizer of the holomorph in B. The multiple holomorph and its quotient by the holomorph encodes a great deal of information about the holomorph itself and about the group λ(G) and(More)
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