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Technology mapping based on DAG-covering suffers from the problem of structural bias: the structure of the mapped netlist depends strongly on the subject graph. In this paper we present a new mapper aimed at mitigating structural bias. It is based on a simplified cut-based Boolean matching algorithm, and using the speed afforded by this simplification we(More)
Although model checking is an exhaustive formal verification method, a bug can still escape detection if the erroneous behavior does not violate any verified property. We propose a coverage metric to estimate the " completeness " of a set of properties verified by model checking. A symbolic algorithm is presented to compute this metric for a subset of the(More)
State minimization of incompletely specified machines is an important step of FSM synthesis. An exact algorithm consists of generation of prime compatibles and solution of a binate covering problem. This paper presents an implicit algorithm for exact state minimization of FSM's. We describe how to do implicit prime computation and implicit binate covering.(More)
Structuring and mapping of a Boolean function is an important problem in the design of complex integrated circuits. Library-aware constructive decomposition offers a solution to this problem. This paper proposes novel techniques to improve the quality and runtime of constructive decomposition. The improvements are effective both in the stand-alone mapping(More)
Functional and timing verification are currently the bottlenecks in many design efforts. Simulation and emulation are extensively used for verification. Formal verification is now gaining acceptance in advanced design groups. This has been facilitated by the use of binary decision diagrams (BDDs). This paper describes the essential features of HSIS, a(More)
1. MSTRACT We present an automated formal verifi~tion method that can detect common pipeline-control bugs of logic-design components containing thousands of registers. The method models logic designs using contiohd totin nets. A controlled token net consists ORa token net that models the dati flow in the datipath using token semantics; a contiol b~.c that(More)
— We survey techniques for solving binate covering problems, an optimization step often occurring in logic synthesis applications. Standard exact solutions are found with a branch-and-bound exhaustive search, made more efficient by bounding away regions of the search space. Standard approaches are said to be explicit because they work on a direct(More)
This paper presents the formal verification of all sub-circuits in a floating-point arithmetic unit (FPU) from an Intel microprocessor using a word-level model checker. This work represents the first large-scale application of word-level model checking techniques. The FPU can perform addition, subtraction , multiplication, square root, division, remainder,(More)