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The exploitation of buuer overrow vulnerabilities in process stacks constitutes a signiicant portion of security attacks. We present two new methods to detect and handle such attacks. In contrast to previous work, the new methods work with any existing pre-compiled executable and can be used transparently per-process as well as on a system-wide basis. The(More)
This paper presents a benchmark for dependable systems. The benchmark consists of two metrics, number of catastrophic incidents and performance degradation, which are obtained by a tool that (1) generates synthetic workloads that produce a high level of CPU, memory, and I/O activity and (2) injects CPU, memory, and I/O faults according to an injection(More)
Voice over IP (VoIP) systems are gaining in popularity as the technology for transmitting voice traffic over IP networks. As the popularity of VoIP systems increases, they are being subjected to different kinds of intrusions some of which are specific to such systems and some of which follow a general pattern. VoIP systems pose several new challenges to(More)
This paper describes FTAPE (Fault Tolerance And Performance Eval-uator), a tool that can be used to compare fault-tolerant computers. The major parts of the tool include a system-wide fault injector, a workload generator, and a workload activity measurement tool. The workload creates high stress conditions on the machine. Using stress-based injection, the(More)