Timothy John Sullivan

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Concern regarding the impacts of continued nitrogen and sulfur deposition on ecosystem health has prompted the development of critical acid load assessments for forest soils. A critical acid load is a quantitative estimate of exposure to one or more pollutants at or above which harmful acidification-related effects on sensitive elements of the environment(More)
PURPOSE Three congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles phenotypes (CFEOM1-3) have been identified. Each represents a specific form of paralytic strabismus characterized by congenital restrictive ophthalmoplegia, often with accompanying ptosis. It has been demonstrated that CFEOM1 results from mutations in KIF21A and CFEOM2 from mutations in PHOX2A.(More)
This Part II of this series is concerned with establishing the feasibility of an extended data-on-demand (XDoD) uncertainty quantification (UQ) protocol based on concentration of measure inequalities and martingale theory. Specific aims are to establish the feasibility of the protocol and its basic properties, including the tightness of the predictions(More)
  • A Kidane, A Lashgari, B Li, M Mckerns, M Ortiz, H Owhadi +3 others
  • 2012
This work is concerned with establishing the feasibility of a data-on-demand (DoD) uncertainty quantification (UQ) protocol based on concentration-of-measure inequalities. Specific aims are to establish the feasibility of the protocol and its basic properties, including the tightness of the predictions afforded by the protocol. The assessment is based on an(More)
  • T. J. Sullivan, M. McKerns, D. Meyer, F. Theil, H. Owhadi, M. Ortiz
  • 2012
We consider the problem of providing optimal uncertainty quan-tification (UQ) — and hence rigorous certification — for partially-observed functions. We present a UQ framework within which the observations may be small or large in number, and need not carry information about the probability distribution of the system in operation. The UQ objectives are posed(More)
BACKGROUND Mammographic microcalcifications are associated with many benign lesions, ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and invasive cancer. Careful assessment criteria are required to minimise benign biopsies while optimising cancer diagnosis. We wished to evaluate the assessment outcomes of microcalcifications biopsied in the setting of population-based(More)
We present an optimal uncertainty quantification (OUQ) protocol for systems that are characterized by an existing physics-based model and for which only legacy data is available, i.e., no additional experimental testing of the system is possible. Specifically, the OUQ strategy developed in this work consists of using the legacy data to establish, in a(More)
Fifteen professional major league pitchers were filmed with high speed cinematography. One hundred forty-seven pitches were analyzed using an electromagnetic digitizer and a microcomputer. Three phases of throwing were studied: cocking, acceleration, and follow-through. The cocking phase is the period of time between the initiation of the windup and the(More)
Liver and lung metastases are the predominant cause of colorectal cancer (CRC)-related mortality. Recent research has indicated that CXCR3/chemokines interactions that orchestrate haematopoetic cell movement are implicated in the metastatic process of malignant tumours, including that of CRC cells to lymph nodes. To date, however, the contribution of CXCR3(More)