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Conciliar Christology and the Consistency of Divine Immutability with a Mutable, Incarnate God
Consider the seven ecumenical councils that both Catholics and the Orthodox view as protected by the Holy Spirit and unrevisable in their teaching: two held at Nicaea (in 325 and 787), three held atExpand
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Conciliar Christology and the Problem of Incompatible Predications
In this article I canvas the options available to a proponent of the traditional doctrine of the incarnation against a charge of incoherence. In particular, I consider the charge of incoherence dueExpand
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Incompatibilism, Sin, And Free Will In Heaven
The traditional view of heaven holds that the redeemed in heaven both have free will and are no longer capable of sinning. A number of philosophers have argued that the traditional view isExpand
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Change, Difference, and Orthodox Truthmaker Theory
Call the thesis that, possibly, there are two times, t1 and t2, such that everything that exists at t2 also exists at t1, but some things that exist at t1 do not exist at t2 Temporal Change. Call theExpand
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Saint Thomas Aquinas
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Impeccability and Temptation
Beyond the Control of God? Six Views on the Problem of God and Abstract Objects, ed. Paul M. Gould
Readers seeking an entry into the debate over political aggression are advised to start with David Rodin’s chapter ‘The Myth of National Self-Defense’, even though as Chapter Four it anchors theExpand
The Content of Conciliar Christology
Denying the Predications