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Conceiving of Future War: The Promise of Scenario Analysis for International Relations
This article introduces political scientists to scenarios—future counterfactuals—and demonstrates their value in tandem with other methodologies and across a wide range of research questions. TheExpand
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How Probable is Cyber War? Bringing IR Theory Back In to the Cyber Conflict Debate
Abstract Many well-established explanations for war suggest that cyber weapons have a greater chance of being used offensively than other kinds of military technologies. This response articleExpand
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The Role of Social Autonomy in Perceptions of 'Other' in the International System
This paper offers early development of a theory of how a society's identity system affects its ability to change its perception of an adversary following a conflict. The author first presentsExpand
The politics and strategy of cyber conflict
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Military History and Fourth Generation Warfare
Abstract This article examines ‘Fourth Generation Warfare’ (4GW), a theory of how warfare has evolved and is evolving, from the perspective of military history. The author makes three primary claims:Expand
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Book Review: Terrorism: A History. By Randall D. Law. Polity. 2009. 363 pp. £17.99 pbk. ISBN 978 0 7456 4038 9
By demonstrating a long-term commitment, showing an understanding of regional customs, and providing military support for local forces and economic encouragement for civilians, coalition forces canExpand