Timothy J. Sheehan

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This study examined the temporal stability of the measurement structure of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D; Radloff, 1977) in 813 individuals with rheumatoid arthritis. Participants completed the CES-D (Radloff, 1977) on three occasions 1 year apart. Structural equation models and polyserial correlations were used to address(More)
This study presents a structural equation model describing the influence of stressful life experiences on low birth weight. Data were gathered prospectively in two waves from 5295 inner-city women as part of a city-wide preterm birth prevention project. Using interviews and the medical record, over 200 measures were gathered on each mother and her infant,(More)
This paper describes a comparative analysis of (ADL) and (IADL) items administered to two samples, 4,430 persons representative of older Americans, and 605 persons representative of patients with rheumatoid arthrisit (RA). Responses are scored separately using both Likert and Rasch measurement models. While Likert scoring seems to provide information(More)
To assess the role of lateral cephalometric films in the evaluation of orthodontic patients, 16 certified orthodontists examined 80 sets of dental casts and lateral cephalograms. The patients included 5 subgroups: Class I with mild crowding, Class II Division 2, Class III, open bites, and bimaxillary protrusion. A 5-point Visual Analogue Scale was used to(More)
The relationship between levels of moral reasoning and decisions in dilemmas of neonatal care was investigated in a sample of 452 pediatricians. Subjects included residents, faculty members, and practitioners recruited from a variety of university-affiliated and community hospitals. It was hypothesized that physicians whose moral reasoning was more fully(More)
Some have argued that failure to find evidence of a link between psychosocial stress factors and birth outcomes in humans may be attributed to a restriction in the range of measures used to characterize stress severity. This study describes the process of building and testing a measurement model from real life stressful experiences. To create a conceptual(More)
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