Timothy J. Schulz

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The joint estimation of an object and the aberrations of an incoherent imaging system from multiple images incorporating phase diversity is investigated. Maximum-likelihood estimation is considered under additive Gaussian and Poisson noise models. Expressions for an aberration-only objective function that accommodates an arbitrary number of diversity images(More)
y In this paper, a space-alternating generalized expectation-maximization (SAGE) algorithm is presented for the numerical computation of maximum-likelihood (ML) and penalized maximum-likelihood (PML) estimates of the parameters of covariance matrices with linear structure for complex Gaussian processes. By using a less informative hidden-data space and a(More)
Recommended Citation Fugal, Jacob P., "In-situ measurement and characterization of cloud particles using digital in-line holography", Dissertation, Michigan Technological University, 2007. Abstract Satellite measurement validations, climate models, atmospheric radiative transfer models and cloud models, all depend on accurate measurements of cloud particle(More)
It is an important and difficult challenge to protect modern interconnected power system from blackouts. Applying advanced power system protection techniques and increasing power system stability are ways to improve the reliability and security of power systems. Phasor-domain software packages such as Power System Simulator for Engineers (PSS/E) can be used(More)
Focusing optical beams on a target through random propagation media is very important in many applications such as free space optical communications and laser weapons. Random media effects such as beam spread and scintillation can degrade the optical system's performance severely. Compensation schemes are needed in these applications to overcome these(More)