Timothy J. Rogers

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In [17], two of the authors have introduced techniques to build agents on top of arbitrary data structures, and to " agentize " new/existing programs. They provided a series of successively more sophisticated semantics for such agent systems, and showed that as these semantics become epistemically more desirable, a computational price may need to be paid.(More)
We have prototyped a multimedia tool to visualize the readiness of US Army War Reserve equipment. In contrast to previous efforts, our system allows the readiness to be visualized across several dimensions and to mediate existing heterogeneous data sources. Our front end Java applet enables multimedia and multidimensional visualization and allows a small(More)
The trend of traditional games is the gameplay even through the speed, frequency and other health conventional parameters. So it keeps players interested in the game. Another way is through machine learning techniques by adapting of the user.This paper proposes the use of an architecture based classifier MP5 and leveling techniques based on the top culling(More)
This paper presents a theoretical framework for solving problems involving constraints on multiple paths. Examples of constraints considered in the paper include requirements that vehicles on separate paths (1) maintain line-of-sight (2) maintain ability to communicate between the vehicles or (3) maintain a minimum and/or maximum separation at all times.(More)
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