Timothy J Marqueen

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The hypothesis of this study is that inserting a grasping suture into tendon tissue causes adverse changes at the suture-to-tendon interface and thus compromises the outcome of tendon repair. This study characterized the histologic, biomechanical, and biochemical effects that 2 types of grasping sutures, Kessler and Savage, produced on normal chicken flexor(More)
BACKGROUND Controversy still exists about treatment of syndesmotic injuries. This study compared the fixation strengths and biomechanical characteristics of two types of ankle fracture syndesmotic fixation devices: the barbed, round staple and the 4.5-mm cortical screw. METHODS Cadaveric testing was done on 21 fresh-frozen knee disarticulation specimens(More)
Apophyseal injuries of the pelvis have increased recently with increased participation of teenagers in contact sports. Apophyseal fractures of the pelvis should be ruled out from apophysitis, os acetabuli and bony tumors. We report a case of fracture of anterior-inferior iliac spine following indirect injury to the hip in a young football player. The(More)
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