Timothy J Legg

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This article reviews the use of constructivism in traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms, as opposed to the online learning environment. The applicability of constructivism to nursing education is discussed. The article concludes with recommendations for online nursing education programs, offering ways that constructivist methodologies can be applied to(More)
This article discusses a number of challenges for faculty as they move into online teaching. These challenges involve the use of a constructivist approach in which faculty must function as facilitators or guides enacting transformative experiences with which learners feel confident and supported in working on their own and with each other rather than in(More)
Diseaser emergencies are occurring with seemingly increased frequency. The likelihood that gerontological nurse will be involved in a disaster scenario, regardless of practices setting, is real. Instead of recoiling from this likelihood, the best approach is preparedness. In this article we examine what constitutes a disaster and how it differs from an(More)
Multiple factors impact the successful provision of oral care in America's nursing homes. After reviewing the importance of oral care in general, the article focuses on the unique challenges of providing oral care to older adults with dementia and explores elements of a comprehensive approach to oral care. The article concludes with emerging evidence-based(More)
After reviewing an all-too-common scenario that occurs in long-term care facilities specific to residents with problematic behaviors, we will examine the nurse's role in facilitating appropriate care and treatment of residents with problematic behaviors stemming from dementia while protecting the organization from deficient practices.
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